Homework in Laghey Primary School is considered to be a vital cog in the process of learning. The need to reinforce work done in the classroom, while allowing children to develop healthy study habits, is an absolute essential life skill. For this reason homework is compulsory. Children from P3 up are provided with a homework record book to record the various tasks which they have been set. Primary 1 and 2 children are provided with a Homework Folder which will contain any tasks they have been given. Primary 1 children will not receive homework until after Halloween of their first term.

If parents have any concerns about any aspect of homework or homework policy, they should not hesitate to contact the school at the earliest opportunity.

As a guideline, homework for pupils in:

  • Foundation Stage (P1-2) should not exceed 20-30mins
  • Key Stage 1 (P3-4) should not exceed 30-40 mins
  • Key Stage 2 (P5-7) should not exceed 45-60 mins

Homework is not generally given at the weekend.

In the event of homework not being completed, parents should provide the class teacher with a note or message in their homework diary/folder.