Child Protection

To protect the pupils in our care and to comply with the recommendations of the Department of Education, Northern Ireland, the school may refer any concerns about the well being of pupils to the Social Services Department.

Mr Gavin Wylie is the school's Designated Teacher for Child Protection, in his absence Mrs Hughes will cover.

In Laghey we recognise the vulnerability of young children and we offer a caring and supportive environment. Since the safety of children is paramount at all times, and our aim is to prevent potential danger, we have made every effort to ensure that children are safe and secure within the school building or off site while in the pursuit of a wide curriculum.

On registration, parents provide telephone numbers and alternative contact arrangements and GP phone numbers. These are updated when necessary.

Parents are kept informed, by regular bulletins, of matters relative to their children, or if the children are hurt or upset any way in school.

Visitors to the school should only enter through the main doors and must report to reception on arrival. Other doors are only open at allocated times.

Children are supervised by adults from 8.40am until dismissal.

Those who avail of extra curricular activities and sports activities are always supervised by a teacher. No visitor/guest speaker or coach will ever be left unsupervised with our pupils.

After school young children are discharged into the care of another known adult, or escorted to buses.

All children have the opportunity to develop their self esteem through Circle Time.

Children are regularly reminded, and encouraged to report any form of perceived hurt or abuse, either verbal, physical or emotional to an adult, to be confident that bullying won't be tolerated.

All members of staff have been trained in dealing with allegations of abuse and follow the appropriate procedures.

The school has established links with other agencies e.g. Social Services, SELB Child Protection Advice Team and Education Welfare and the Board of Governors have ensured that a 'Safe Guarding Team' is in place.

The school has a legal obligation to make a referral to the Education Welfare Officer (EWO) if a child's attendance falls below 85%. We expect parents to contact the school by phone or letter if a child is absent and send a note in on their return to school.

The staff in Laghey P.S. recognise their 5 main responsibilities in the areas of Child Protection. These are in the areas of:


Parents will be made aware of the school's responsibilities and procedures and we hope that they will support us in our practice.

A more detailed copy of the Policy and Procedures can be obtained from the school.